Zodiac Casino Canada

Zodiac Casino has been one of our top rated casino sites for quite some time, and there are many unique reasons for that! In the following review we are going to be taking a good look at what they have to offer players and that will in turn allow you to make an informed decision as to whether to play at the most popular Casino Rewards Casinos or not!

zodiac casino canada

Below we are going to highlight what makes playing at Zodiac Casino so exciting and beneficial and then in our final section of this review we will give you feedback from some of our website visitors who have played there recently.

Microgaming Software – We just know you are going to find the Microgaming gaming platforms on offer at Zodiac Casino an absolute breeze to use, for you have the option of playing via their downloadable or instant play gaming platforms, both of which really do come packed with different games.

Zodiac Casino Mobile

Zodiac Casino Mobile

With hundreds of games on offer of every possible description and with both real money and
Golden Tiger Casino free play options also on offer you can set about playing any games that have taken your eye straight away for free and at no risk of give them your best shot via the real money versions of those games!

High Valued Sign-Up Bonus – It is the welcome bonus offer and the ongoing promotional offers that will tempt many new payers to give Zodiac Casino a try, in fact we would encourage you to visit their website as currently they have one of the most unique and well thought out sign up bonus offers that you really should claim and make full use off!

Also each time you log into your casino account you will find plenty of additional bonus offers are made available to you and when you claim them they are awarded to you instantly, so you never have to hang around waiting for any bonus credits to land into your account!


Comps for all Gaming Action – By playing any of the Casino Rewards casino games on offer in the real money playing environment as opposed to playing them for free and at no risk you will then start to amass comp points based on how much you wager on those casino games.

You are then freely able to convert your accumulated comp points into bonus playing credits, and the more you play the more you will earn by way of comp point and then bonus credits, so make sure you keep track of just how many points you have earned as you may be surprised at how quickly they will add up!

Enormous Suite of Games – You will have the ability of playing at this casinos site via a fully downloadable gaming platform and when you choose to do so you will have over 800 different casino games on offer to you!

However, you will find over 150 different casino games are also available via their instant play gaming platform too, so if you do not wish to download any software you are not going to be forced to do so.

Zodiac Casino Review

Below you will find what real people have to say about playing at Zodiac Casino, please do read on as you will find out what makes many different people the world over play at this leading casino site and there is more to this casino than just a huge array of different casino games as you are about to find out and discover!

“Player Friendly Games” – I am not the youngest of casino game player, and was a little hesitant about playing casino games online, however I am glad I did for there is nothing complicated about the games or software at Zodiac Casino and they are certainly player friendly games that are easy to understand – Joan M

“Lots of Penny Slots” – One of the reasons I stick to playing at Zodiac Casino is that they have lots of different penny slot games, I do not have a very large bankroll and as such playing for low stakes is something I always tend to do, and my money does stretch much further at this casino site thanks to those low stake slot machines. – Todd J

“Generous Casino Rewards Scheme” – I have several different casino site accounts but when I play at this casino and others owned by the same company all of my comp points are pooled into one easy to access account, and I am then allowed to pick and choose which casinos I want to have my comped casino credits added to which is done instantly the second I redeem them. – Michael F

“Friendly Support Team” – The customer support team are a friendly bunch at Zodiac Casino and they are always on hand night or day, it is also worth getting in touch with them if you want to know if there are any bonuses you qualify for which is something I often do, and it does have to be said they do have plenty of promotions on offer at different times of the week. – Stephen Q

“High RTP Video Poker” – Just wanted to let you know why play at Zodiac Casino, I love playing video poker and their All Aces game has one of the most generous pay tables I have ever come across online. With a huge RTP of 99.92% when played perfectly if you are looking for the highest paying variant available online then that is the one I would recommend you play. – Harry T

“Multi-Series slots” – Slot machines are what I like playing the most online and thanks to the multi-series slot games available at Zodiac Casino I always do enjoy playing there. If you enjoy playing slots then I would recommend you checkout their Mega Moolah series of slots for they all have randomly awarded progressive jackpots that are linked to each machine and each individual slot in that series also has its own theme, playing structure and a set of different bonus games and bonus features too so each lot is different. – Doreen G


Golden Tiger Casino

We are pleased to showcase to you the following review of the Golden Tiger Casino, for they have been one of our highest rated online casino sites for many years and we are convinced you are going to like everything they have to offer both first time and highly experienced casino game players.golden tiger casino

Below you will find a fact based overview of many of their stand out features and qualities and you will also find real player feedback, and by spending just a couple of minutes reading through this review we just know you will then have all of the relevant information at hand to make an informed decision as to whether to play at their site or not!

Play Your Own Way – You can play for free at any time at Golden Tiger Casino and you will also find you can play for low, medium or very high stakes when playing for real money too.

You are always going to be able to play any of their range of different casino games exactly the way you want to play them and every single real money wager you do place no matter whether it wins or loses will be earning you comp points too!

One Log-In for Two Platforms – As you will have access to both the downloadable and instant play gaming platforms on offer at Golden Tiger Casino from one single log in then you are always going to be able to choose just how, when and where you play at this leading casino site.

Keep in mind also that as one of their registered players irrespective of the gaming platform you choose to log in by you are going to have the option of playing in a no risk demo mode version of the
Zodiac Casino or play for real money if you so desire.

Big Welcome Bonus – Experienced players that have been playing at Golden Tiger Casino for any length of time will know they are a very generous casino site when it comes to ongoing player bonuses.

However, if you have not yet signed up and played there now would be a great time to do just that for they have set aside a huge valued ne player sign up welcome bonus offer that will be credited to you instantly, take a look over their website as soon as you can do for more details!

High Payout Percentages – The key to you having some much longer slot machine and video poker machine game playing sessions and you having more chances of ending those session in profit and with more cash than you started with is of course down to luck, however thanks to the high payout percentages attached and on offer on many of their games you will not need to leave everything down to luck alone.

They also offer many card and table games that boast some very low house edges, and as such you will find their Roulette, Blackjack and other table and card games very appealing too!

Feedback from Players

You are more than welcome to test out Golden Tiger Casino via their free play options, however if you are interested in finding out what other players have to say about playing at this top rated casino site then please read on.

Below you will find feedback from quite a number of our website visitors who have all recently played at Golden Tiger Casino, which may help you make a much more informed decision as to whether that casino site will be offering you everything you are seeking, which by the way we are more than confident they will do!

“Mega Sized Progressives” – I only play progressive slot machines and one of the problems I have had until I found Golden Tiger Casino was finding a casino that had a fairly large range of different progressive slots. If you do tend to play those types of slot machines there are more than enough on offer to keep you spinning and hopefully winning and there are some mega sized progressive on offer! – Jackie R

“Multiple Roulette Variants” – I only realised that some online casino sites offer more than just the high house edge American Roulette game variant when I started to play at Golden Tiger Casino, they have multiple roulette variants available with the French Roulette one being the game I tend to play due to the tiny house edge on the even money bets. – Duncan F

“Easy to Earn Comps” – I was getting somewhat annoyed at just how little by way of comps I earned at some casino sites for some of the player reward schemes available online are not really worth playing for. However, the easy to earn comps on offer at Golden Tiger Casino means that I do tend to earn quite a lot of them when playing here which I can then turn into casino credits at any time – Norman H

“Fast Timely Payouts” – If you have ever had to wait more than a few days to get your withdrawals paid out to you then I would urge you to play at my favourite casinos sites that being Golden Tiger Casino. I have found that whenever I do cash in my winnings and request the winnings to be paid out to me by Neteller they are always paid out rapidly and fast timely payouts are what every player should be demanding from any casino they play at. Trevor P

“PaySafeCard Accepted” – I hate having to give out my credit card details when gambling online and that is why I look for casino sites that accept PaySafeCard. You can buy them from many different stores and by doing so you will never have to reveal your credit card details when making a deposit, and Golden Tiger Casino does accept those vouchers which means I can buy them in cash and play at any time and my card details will never have to be revealed to anyone and am never gambling once credits either! – Shirley S


Microgaming Casinos

Since the launch of Microgaming Casinos with the Viper downloadable casino platform they have tweaked it and revamped it and today it is one of the most advanced casino software you can use and comes jam packed full of all manner of different features and player adjustable options that makes it extremely player friendly, however the best part of it is that over 600 casino games can be found with in it!

microgaming casinos

There was a time when only a small handful of online casinos were available to players, this was in the early 1990’s and in those days internet connections speeds were dismal and the number casino games offered was not spectacular, however even in those early years one company stood out from all the others, and this was the Microgaming Casino Software.

The very first fully downloadable gaming suite they designed and developed was their Thumper package, and whilst it was, at the time, the most advanced collection of games available anywhere online it soon become rather outdated by todays standards, and this led to them releasing an updated version of their software platform known as Viper, and this is the one which is used today.

There is no other online casino software company with that many games available via a downloadable casino package, and if you are hunting around for an online casino at which to play then you will be hard pressed to find a better one that the one they offer. It should be noted that players from the US are currently not permitted to play at any Microgaming powered online casinos.

Microgaming Casino Games

No matter what your preferred casino game of choice is, when you play at a Microgaming site you are guaranteed to find many different versions of these games available, and to give you a deeper insight into what these games are and what you can expect to find should you indeed decide to download, deposit and play at a Microgaming powered site below you will find a collection of them.

Microgaming Blackjack Games – In regards to the Blackjack games offered at all Microgaming powered sites, there are no shortage of them available, and the most popular one offered is their Classic Blackjack game and the reason a lot of players give this game a try is that the house edge available, when played with perfect strategy is a low 0.13%. You will also find several unique versions of Blackjack games listed below, along with many different regional variations along with the house edge you can expect when you play with perfect strategy.

Vegas Strip Blackjack has quite liberal rules which results in the house edge being a modest 0.35%, also on offer with an identical house edge of 035% is the game of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. One of their more unique types of Blackjack games include the games of Bonus Blackjack which has a larger house edge of some 0.39%, the Double Exposure Blackjack which has a much higher house edge of some 0.69%, and then one Blackjack game which is probably best left well alone is their Super Fun 21 Blackjack game as it has a house edge of 0.94%.

Microgaming Video Poker Games – If it is the casino game of video poker which you much prefer to play then perhaps you should consider playing at a Microgaming software powered online casino as they have plenty of different variants on offer, one of their latest releases in this game grouping are their brand new Level Up Poker games, these are a very unique types of video poker games which are made up of several different levels, and when the first hand you have been dealt is a winner then you get dealt another hand, however this has a multiplier attached to it and if that hand wins then you play another hand with an even bigger multiplier, and then you move onto the final hand should the previous one have won and this one has a huge x8 multiplier in play, therefore boosting the value of that hand should it be a winner by eight times its normal value!

A few examples of the video poker games which Microgaming have on offer along with the long term expected return to player payout percentages follows, and as you are about to find out these are quite high payout percentages therefore making them all must play video poker games. The Jacks or Better video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.54%, the Joker Poker video poker game has a payout percentage of 98.60%, the Deuces Wild video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.37%, the Tens or Better video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.14%, and the All Aces video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.92%.

Microgaming Slot Games – When it comes to choice of slot machines, you will be hard pressed to find another software company than Microgaming offering a bigger and better collection of slots. There are literally hundreds of them available, so no matter what type of slot game you are looking for you are more than likely to find several of them available, from Classic type slots with just one pay line, right up to the multi stake, bonus video slots which comes packed with bonus features and the new Allway slots which let you play thousands of paylines on each spin of the reels you decide to play.

Microgaming Card and Table Games – If you like playing the more popular type of casino games such as Roulette then at all Microgaming powered online casinos you are going to find lots of different ones on offer, these are the American version, the European version, along with a progressive and French variants, with the latter named one offering you the lowest house edge. You will also find other popular games which boast low house edges such as the Vegas Craps game and the Baccarat game, and there are also plenty of progressive versions of many card and table casino games.